To improve the support offered by D.i.Re centers to asylum seeking and refugee women and girls, Leaving violence. Living safe includes training workshops for cultural mediators and case workers.

Leaving violence. Living safe. Advanced training for case workers and cultural mediators

Rome – Casa internazionale delle donne  – 10-12 July 2019

This workshop was addressed to case workers and cultural mediators operating in 8 D.i.Re centres. They play a key role in piloting the adaptation of D.i.Re methodology taking into consideration the specific needs of asylum seeking and refugee women and girls.

Download the program of the workshop (in Italian)

Cultural mediation with and for asylum seeking and refugee women survivors of SGBV. Specialized training workshop for cultural mediators operating in D.i.Re centers

Rome – Casa internazionale delle donne  – 7-11 October 2019

This workshop – the third of this kind organised by D.i.Re in partnership with Unhcr – is addressed at female cultural mediators interested in working with asylum seeking and refugee women and girls survivors of SGBV. It offers in depth knowledge about D.i.Re’s survivor centred methodology to address SGBV and essential insights in the particular features of the professional relationship with case workers and experts within D.i.Re centres. It paves the way towards a professional profile that encompasses the two roles, case worker and cultural mediator.

The 5 days long residential workshop uses a highly participatory training methodology, building on knowledge shared by each participant through small group activities, group discussions, buzzing, role plays, Q&A sessions, alternated with more formal presentations by a variety of experts, to offer a vivid learning experience that facilitates appropriation of the content. The participatory training methodology allows for exploring the emotional impact of SGBV, deconstructing stereotypes and biases, strengthening the capacity to manage complex relationships, both with the SGBV survivors and with the center’s team.

Download the programme of the workshop (in Italian)