Say it with an image!

Picture cards to facilitate group discussions with asylum seeking and refugee women and girls

Each woman perceives violence differently. This is particularly true in the case of asylum seeking and refugee women, given their different countries of origin, cultural and social backgrounds, gender roles and male-female power dynamics as conveyed through upbringing and education, including family and personal experience of violence.

Understanding that enduring violence is not necessarily the destiny of all women, that women are not responsible for the violence and abuse they may have experienced, and that male violence is not a “normal” fact in the life of a woman, is the first step towards self-empowerment, the ultimate goal of the support offered by D.i.Re centers.

These picture cards are based on the Living violence. Living safe video. They can be used during meetings with asylum seeking and refugee women to build an enabling environment that facilitates the disclosure of SGBV and the request for support, as well as to present D.i.Re centers and D.i.Re’s methodology.

Click here to download the picture cards “Say it with an image!”