D.i.Re centres and the diverse organisations and institutions that compose the Italian asylum reception system have so far interacted only sporadically. This has resulted in a limited access by asylum seeking and refugee women and girls to the support D.i.Re centres can offer to SGBV survivors.

Over the years D.i.Re centres have strengthened relationships with a variety of public and private institutions and organisations that focus on SGBV to best support the women they care for. The inclusion of organisations and institutions that constitute the asylum reception system – Prefetture, Police, organisations managing CAS and SPRAR/SIPROIMI facilities, other civil society organisations focusing on migration – in the SGBV local networks has therefore been a main feature of the Leaving violence. Living safe project, with the aim to increase the referral of asylum seeking and refugee women to D.i.Re centres.

D.i.Re centres are included in the Juma Map, a national mapping of services dedicated to asylum seekers and refugees available in 11 different languages thanks to a collaboration between ARCI and UNHCR.

Also the toll free number for asylum seekers 800905570 managed by ARCI provides information about D.i.Re centers to asylum seeking women and girls survivors of SGBV in need.